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“Create the beauty you want to see in the world”

Something Wild Farm is small farm & homestead in North Sandwich, NH – nestled between the Lakes Region and the White Mountains.

Founded by Rich & Kay Masta in 2018, our mission is to create a resilient and productive homestead, with a grander vision to foster an even more resilient community in our little corner of the world. We strive to grow good food, lead good lives, reclaim and improve the health of our 15 acres of woodland/pasture, as well as rebuild and renew our 1860 farmhouse.


When we’re not tangled in electric netting or juggling buckets of eggs, there’s a large garden to tend, produce to preserve, fruit to pick, firewood to chop, and maple syrup to boil. Indoors, we like to play with recipes, dabbling in medicinal salves, balms, tinctures, as well as learning new ways to preserve food.


Always focused on having fun, we never fail to include our two wily Australian shepherds, Wilder & Pip, and our nighttime security cat, Hamilton.

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